About Rocquette Cider

Guernsey has long been intrinsically linked with apple growing and has an accomplished cider heritage. As early as the 16th Century production thrived and cider, recognised for its premium nature, was exported in large quantities to England from across the Channel Islands. In 1998, we set out to re-establish the industry and the cider making tradition was reborn through the Rocquette Cider Company.Having planted 3000 trees in the picturesque fields surrounding our family home, production blossomed and we have added an additional 2,000 trees to our mature orchards. We have also invested in new tanks and state of the art equipment to enable greater cider production to quench the demands of our thirsty locals in the Channel Islands and beyond.

Today our modern orchards still enjoy the temperate climate, fresh Atlantic breezes and sun filled days so that we can peacefully continue our heritage of exceptional cider making.

Rocquette Cider has grown up as a well-loved, local, organic, family run business and remains true to its roots. We still live at the farm in its picturesque setting amongst the orchards, and the team works from our offices in the barn. You’ll always find us on a quad bike or tractor tending to the trees, fences, hives and sheep, often helped (or hindered!) by our dogs Pip, Molly and Tia.

The Cider Barn is a real hive of activity. Take a look at our photo’s for a behind the scenes look at our modern cider making equipment and orchards to get a real feel for the complete Rocquette Cider experience.

The very purest of traditional cider farm values are truly embraced at the Rocquette Cider Company, and we’re proud that our care and attention to detail shine through in our products. That’s why we’re sure you’ll love Rocquette Cider as much as we do.

We’d love to hear your feedback about Rocquette or any stories you might want to share with us, please do get it touch via our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/rocquettecider.