Where possible we try and approach every aspect of Rocquette production with sustainability in mind.Our apples are all grown organically in orchards free from pesticides,herbicides or anything other than natural goodness

Rocquette Cider’s Bees are a true reflection of our approach to sustainability and to harnessing the complete lifecycle of the orchard. Our bees play an important role in the development of our harvest and are key to pollinating the orchard.

After the pressing the waste pulp gets picked up by a local farmer and fed to local farm animals.

We also graze the orchards with sheep to help with the natural fertilisation and control of the grass sward. We introduced the Shropshire breed to the island which are known for their compatibility with orchards. After increasing the flock for a couple of years we now partner with a local farmer who returns the sheep to the orchard during the summer for grazing.