Apple Swap News

For a number of years now local Cider Maker, Rocquette Cider Company, has run an ‘apple swap’ campaign at harvest time to encourage all local apple tree owners to exchange their crops for either cash or Cider.

James Meller, managing director and founder of the company said, “People from all over the island who have apple trees on their property love this scheme which enables us to collect enough apples to make our cider unique and truly local.”

For the six Saturdays from mid September until the end of October between 10am and 12 midday islanders can deliver their apple crops, however large or small in volume, and collect their cider or cash in exchange. James confirmed, “We have had a lot of interest over the years and now receive up to 15 tonnes of apples per annum. All we ask is that the apples are free from pesticides and foreign bodies and are not bruised.”

Rocquette Cider Company is Guernsey’s only commercial cider maker and is based on the family farm at Les Fauxquets de Haut, Rue des Fauxquets, Castel, GY5 7QA, and all apple variants are welcome from every Parish.

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