Rocquette brand expands with the launch of Apple Juice and Honey

Hot on the heels of the recent successful launch the XC cider brand, local producer Rocquette has further expanded its product range by creating Guernsey Honey and Traditional Apple Juice.

Remaining true to the traditional Rocquette cider roots, which focus on natural, organic production techniques at the family farm in the Fauxquets Valley, both new products are pure. The apple juice is simply that fresh pressed apple juice (with a touch of vitamin c to prevent oxidisation) and the honey only travels from the field, to the barn, to the jar to your home…a journey of no more than about 10 miles (max!).

Managing Director, James Meller stated “both new products are an obvious extension considering the need to keep bees for pollination purposes, and the opportunity to look at expanding on our apple harvest in the coming years. This year we are trialling both products, which will soon be available at Forest Stores and at farmers markets. We are really excited about our growth and hope that the local community supports our efforts to create a great range of Guernsey products. We are also looking to expand our cider range in to the UK market. It’s going to be a tough nut to crack, but we are confident that the quality of our products combined with the strong Guernsey heritage and sustainable appraoch will be enough to generate some momentum.”

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